It is now more important than ever to ensure children fully understand the importance of regular handwashing with soap for 20 seconds – not just during the current pandemic, but as part of their daily routine.

Even before Covid-19 reached the UK, 39 million school days were lost from illness^. Handwashing with soap or sanitiser can help all of us to stay one step ahead of infections, for the benefit of our children and their education.


Want to try a free Lifebuoy sample?

Want to try a free Lifebuoy sample?

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Meet The Soaper Heroes

Meet The Soaper Heroes

Lifebuoy is the world’s leading hygiene soap brand* and for over 100 years Lifebuoy has promoted better hygiene habits across the world. This year, Lifebuoy is bringing a national handwashing behaviour initiative as approved by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), intending to make handwashing fun and help pupils understand why it’s so important.

Click here to get the Soaper Heroes Programme resources for your school.

The Soaper Heroes Schools Programme brings schools a host of free educational resources including stickers, posters and take-home materials, all tailored for each of the primary age groups. Through these fun, curriculum-linked resources schools can teach their pupils lessons on the basics of handwashing, micro-organisms and our responsibilities to others. The resources also include videos featuring fun and engaging experiments, such as the ‘Soap and Pepper challenge’ and ‘How far does a Sneeze travel?’, plus many more videos that help bring learning to life.

The kits include:

  • Posters and stickers for all registered schools
  • Fun educational videos featuring animated characters
  • A catchy handwashing song
  • Interactive PowerPoint
  • Interactive quizzes - especially designed for self-directed and home study
  • Activity sheets and lesson plans with curricula links for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
  • Comics, calendars, certificates and much more!

^UK national education departments, 2017-19
*Nielsen, Global Hygiene Skin Cleansing, Unit Sales 52 WE 29/02/20

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