At Wall’s we believe visual attraction is everything. So when your product range looks good, it sells better – and we think we can all agree that more sales is a great thing!

Capturing attention from a distance is key. Use things like beach flags, permanent signage, bins, parasols, city flags etc. to grab their attention and make them think “ooh, ice cream, I’m having some of that!”. In need of Wall’s branded point of sale? Click here to get your hands on it.

When they’re a bit closer to the cabinet, say 5 metres, start making them think: ‘Mmm ice cream, but which one?’. You can do this with an A-Board and an open/closed sign.

You’ve got them, but you have to help them choose. Be clear and concise and show off your range and turn ‘where is it?’ and ‘how much?’ into ‘I’ll have this one please’, with the help of cabinet stickers and range boards.

Ready to get your ice cream range looking sharp?

Ready to get your ice cream range looking sharp?

Whether you’re a leisure operator, convenience store or forecourt, we’ve got a dedicated planogram for your type of business and your size of cabinet. Complete the contact form below to access the brochure.

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