Here at Wall’s, we know it’s scientifically proven that ice cream makes you happier. We also know that more ice creams are eaten together than alone. So, as one of the most loved brands in the world, what better way to Choose Happier Together than with an ice cream (or two!

Familiar Favourites

Who doesn’t love the infamous chocolate sauce at the base of a Cornetto cone? Or the orangey zing of a classic Calippo Orange? Our ice creams are amongst the UK’s most-loved, offering excellent value for money and something to suit all tastes.

Responsibly Made For Kids

We’re the first global ice cream brand with a ‘Responsibly Made For Kids’ promise. This promise is based on 3 pillars, designed to help parents and caregivers to make informed choices for their children. These are Responsible Communication through advertising; Responsible Selling with our Responsibly Made For Kids mark; and Responsible Development, meaning that every ice cream in our kids’ range has no more than 110 calories and a maximum of 12g of sugar per portion.

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