Choose from the very best for your residents and deliver consistent quality and flavour in every dish

Great dishes start from the base, so using a great bouillon is key. As the market-leader in bouillons for professionals, we have a wide range of bouillons to suit the budget, flavour and allergen needs of every chef in the care sector.

Our Products

Knorr® Professional Powder Bouillons

Knorr® Professional Powder Bouillons

  • No Allergens to declare
  • Provides consistent quality and flavour
  • Available in Vegetable, Chicken and Beef
  • Uses sustainability sourced ingredients
  • Recyclable and reusable 1KG pack format 

Knorr Professional Paste Bouillons

Knorr Professional Paste Bouillons

  • A paste for every dish. Great range of flavours to meet your needs.
  • Rich & Roast Pastes offer a greater depth of flavour, ideal for residents that may require dishes with a stronger taste
  • Consistent depth of flavour
  • 2024 UK Salt target compliant

Knorr Professional Jelly Bouillons

Knorr Professional Jelly Bouillons

  • No Allergens to declare​ 
  • Closest to scratch flavour without compromising on quality​
  • Consistent depth of flavour​
  • Tested and endorsed by The Craft Guild of Chefs

Knorr® Professional Concentrated Powder Bouillons

Knorr® Professional Concentrated Powder Bouillons

  • No Allergens to declare
  • Concentrated yield means one pack lasts longer
  • Available in Vegetable, Chicken and Beef
  • Recyclable and reusable 3KG bucket format

Watch Sanctuary Care’s Paul Wright create his Braised Beef & Dumpling Casserole with Knorr Professional Rich Paste Bouillon

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Knorr® Professional is on a mission to champion better ways to cook for a more sustainable food future. 

By 2025, every vegetable, herb, grain and the top 5 spices that go into our products, including our range of bouillons, will be 100% sustainably sourced.

With the population growing, and 75% of our worlds food supply coming from 12 plant and 5 animal species, we need to act quickly to give healthier options for our bodies and our planet. To combat this Knorr Professional has teamed up with WWF-UK to compile the Future 50 Foods report. Carefully selecting a list of sustainable food sources improving our nutrition and supporting the planet and our harvests whilst providing recipe inspiration of plant-based, alternatives which diversify our agriculture and our livelihoods. 

Lastly we know our oceans are being filled with single use plastics which is a global crisis. To do our part, we pledge that by 2025 100% of our plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable. 

*Aggregated UK wholesaler value sales 52 w/e 21st August 2020.

^This product does not contain allergenic ingredients which require declaration under EU regulation 1169/2011 [Annex II].

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