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Christmas season is nearly there – so get ready to serve your guests a delicious Christmas menu. We have great recipe inspiration to offer: Discover our Christmas recipes such as roasted pheasant, turkey or a festive burger! We also have delicious baking recipes for you to try.


Get ready for the festive season

What makes a great stuffing

A delicious stuffing is key to your Christmas menu. There are plenty great recipes and techniques to make your stuffing stand out – but sometimes time is short. The most common stuffing for Christmas is probably sage and onion which you can try to refine with extra ingredients such as dried fruit. To give your stuffing an extra festive taste, add some prunes or cranberries and a lacing of brandy to it!

Stuffing leftovers? Don’t throw it away! Here are great stuffing recipes to create tasty dishes with your stuffing leftovers - try them out!

Christmas menu cards

Christmas menu cards

Download our set of menu cards to individualise your Christmas menu. We provide you with a .zip file including PDF and word documents for you to choose and edit. Enjoy!

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Christmas Spices


These spices are perfect for Christmas season. They give this festive taste and smell to get everybody in the mood. Get inspired by our recipes all making use of these Christmas spices – for your sweet and savoury menu.

Cinnamon can be used in form of sticks or powder. It should be stored  in a cool, dark and dry place as it otherwise quickly loses its flavour. Try our Apple & mince meat tarte or the delicious Apricot bread & butter pudding with cinnamon custard

Cardamom: The spicy-sweet cardamom for instance is a great source of iron and is native to southern India. It gives an exotic, unique taste and can be perfectly combined with cinnamon and ginger. Try this Indian Kashmiri Gosht Rogan Josh

Cloves can be used in sweet and savoury dishes and go extremely well with red meat and apples. Use them to refine your mulled wine or Christmas punch. For the festive season, try our Christmas brined turkey crown recipe.

When buying fresh Ginger, make sure its firm and not wrinkled. It should be finely chopped or grated to unfold the full spicy-exotic taste. Our Spicy ginger chicken is a great recipe and heats up your guests.

Vanilla with its sweet aroma perfect for Christmas baking. Scrape the seeds out of the pod or use vanilla extract. Did you know that the vanilla pods are obtained from a tropical climbing orchid? Refined with vanilla, try these amazing Chocolate brownie bites

More Christmas recipes

More Christmas recipes

Here is a selection of our favourite recipes for the festive season. Indulge your guests with a delicious Christmas menu and try our Christmas recipes.


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