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Employees can make or break a restaurant. If staff feel part of the business they are more likely to perform better and go the extra mile. Making sure that staff understand and appreciate every role is vital to the success of any foodservice operation and this applies to both kitchen and waiting staff.

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff

A balanced mix of experience is important within a team for development and on the job training.

Manage the pace of work and allow staff to take ownership of their station. A clear vision of what work needs to be done, by when and in what time scale will reap rewards.

Plan for staff training staff in off-peak hours.

Front of House Staff

Front of House Staff

Many waiting staff are young and may be working part-time. It is not realistic to expect them to know exactly what and how they need to sell the menu.

Active selling requires product knowledge, social skills and courage. Help staff to develop these characteristics with a training session on the menu. Let them taste the dishes and ask the chefs to explain how each is prepared. It will help them understand the menu and promote good relations with the kitchen team.

Recommendations are an important part of the sell. Train waiting staff on wine and food pairings and how to match side orders to key dishes.