Great dishes start from the base, so using a great bouillon is key. As the market-leader in bouillons for professionals, we’ve always offered a wide range of product flavours and formats. Now we’ve taken that range to the next level, with new packaging design, new formats and new product formulations.

New Products

We’ve launched 6 new products aimed to meet the needs of chefs working across a variety of operations, from central production facilities to schools to care homes and conference centres.

Knorr® Professional Concentrated Powder Bouillons

Knorr® Professional Concentrated Powder Bouillons

  • Cater for large numbers with no allergens to declare^, without compromising on flavour.
  • Concentrated yield means one pack lasts longer.
  • Recyclable and reusable 3KG bucket format.
  • Available in Vegetable, Chicken and Beef.

Knorr® Professional Powder Bouillons

Knorr® Professional Powder Bouillons

  • Deliver consistent quality and flavour with no allergens to declare^.
  • Recyclable and reusable 1KG pack format.
  • Made using sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Available in Vegetable, Chicken and Beef.

New Packaging Design

The Knorr® heritage dates back to 1838 and over that time our brand and our packaging have continually evolved. As Knorr® Professional, our goal was to ensure that our striking new packs reflect Knorr®’s refreshed brand identity whilst delivering all of the practical features you expect from a dedicated range for professional chefs.

New Formulation

We have evaluated and updated the recipe for our Knorr® Professional Beef Paste Bouillon, removing beef extract from the recipe. This decision was taken to align with our sustainability pledge as well as using more natural ingredients such as beef broth and beef. We have taken this decision with complete confidence that this recipe update has had no effect on the superiority of this product, including but not limited to the flavour, texture, and colour of the product.

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*Aggregated UK wholesaler value sales 52 w/e 21st August 2020.

^This product does not contain allergenic ingredients which require declaration under EU regulation 1169/2011 [Annex II].