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  1. Prize: 1 x Landmann Milton gas BBQ
  2. Prize: 1 x Landmann Piccolino BBQ
  3. Prize: 1 x 3 Piece Gourmet BBQ tool set
Summer BBQ prizes

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Abridged Terms and Conditions

Open to UK bona fide caterers and chefs aged 18+ that enter the correct answer to the Summer BBQ competition.To enter, follow https://www.unileverfoodsolutions.co.uk/chef-inspiration/our-promotions/summer-campaign.html and fill in your details to be in with a chance to win and you will be entered into a draw. Closing date: 30th Aug 2018. Prizes are 1 x Landmann Milton gas BBQ,1 x Landmann Piccolino, 1x 3 piece tool set Gourmet BBQ. Full terms and conditions.


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