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Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

Long leaf means we carefully select the top two leaves and the new unopened bud as those are the youngest, most tender and highest in flavour quality.

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Tea Bags

Tea Bags

Single origin means we only pick from the finest tea estates in the world. Like terroirs for wine, every tea estate offers specific flavour characteristics for each tea.

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At Pure Leaf™, we believe the most delicious tea is real tea, that has been sourced sustainably. We work with the Rainforest Alliance, an international non-profit organisation, to source teas from farms that promote sustainable practices.

The Rainforest Alliance works with forward-thinking farmers to conserve natural resources and ensure the long-term economic health of crops and communities. In order for a farm to achieve the Rainforest Alliance Certification it must meet rigorous standards designed to monitor good agricultural practices, protect eco­systems, safeguard the well-being of local communities and improve productivity.

We are proud to say this tea is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms who share our beliefs to create sustainable farming systems around environmental protection, social equity and economic viability.

The Perfect Serve

The Perfect Serve

Having an exceptional leaf is just the beginning. To create a memorable tea experience for your guests, the perfect serve should be an experience that involves all their senses.

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Gunpowder Green Tea

Green Tea Jasmine

Earl Grey

Black Tea with Berries


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