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Ensuring your restaurant is allergy friendly means keeping your kitchen informed. Providing your guests with all the right information about the ingredients being used, will help them make smart and safe decisions about what to order and help avoid any mishaps.

Here are some simple reminders for your staff to ensure they keep informed.

  1. Nominate an allergy know-it-all - Make one staff member responsible for answering all allergy queries from diners in restaurant.
  2. Check ingredients regularly - Read all ingredients and allergen information for regularly used products as manufacturers can sometimes change ingredients without warning.
  3. Identify allergens - Think of where allergens may occur unexpectedly. For example, barbecue sauce may contain allergens like pecans.
  4. Show allergy disclaimers - Print a note at the bottom of your menu or website reminding diners to inform their waiter of any allergies. Importantly, make sure you keep any printed brochures and information up to date to avoid any confusion.
  5. Avoid cross-contact - Keep allergy-causing food and otherwise safe food always strictly separate.
  6. Allergic reactions - Remember, if a diner has an allergic reaction don't be afraid to call an ambulance.