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Our Wise Up On Waste app for professional kitchens is a simple and easy way to monitor and track your food waste and reduce costs. Start your own waste management and reduce kitchen waste permanently.

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  • Identify where and when you are generating waste.
  • Audit specific service times: breakfast, lunch and dinner waste. 
  • Track your team’s progress weekly and identify the indicative cost savings.
  • Reveal how much money you could save by reducing waste by 20%.
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Tips to reduce food waste

Reducing food waste is a major opportunity to make your professional kitchen more profitable. Read on and directly profit from our food waste reduction tips.

  • Use leftovers creatively - leftover mash potato makes great hot potato soup
  • It's better to freeze great ingredients for a short time than use second rate ingredients fresh and risk producing waste.
  • Use herbs efficiently. Don't discard stalks, use them too. 
  • Save on fresh fish waste by creating a menu containing pre-cooked fish dishes.
  • Leave the skin on chips and roast potatoes.
  • Use leftover celery leaves and ends to make celery salt.
  • Salmon trim makes great canapes.

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