Wall’s 2024 Cabinet Bundle Deals

Looking for a new Wall’s impulse freezers & ready to stock the leading brands! Checkout our Cabinet bundle deals, now available at participating wholesalers.

slim maxvision
deal price 5
maxi vision
deal price 4
vista 06
deal price 3
vista 12
deal price 2
vista 18
deal price 1
recycle 1
free standard
3 years
walls 1

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Terms and Conditions:

*Value of ice cream at RRP+VAT. For the avoidance of doubt, retailers are free to set their own retail prices.

Wall's products supplied may differ from those shown, list of actual stock supplied with each freezer available on request.

**3 years warranty is subject to the condition that the branding provided by Unilever remains unchanged 3 years from the date of delivery. We reserve the right to change any of the freezer branding without notice.

All values are correct at the time of being printed. Orders subject to Unilever UK LTD. terms of business.

See for details. Wall's branded freezers are purchased subject to a condition that the customer agrees to stock Wall's impulse ice cream at a minimum of 70% of the freezer space and the unit will remain Wall's branded for 3 years from delivery, however the remaining space can be used for any ice cream of your choosing. I.e., a 12-basket freezer should contain 9 baskets of Unilever branded products.

Unilever UK LTD. Registered in England & Wales NO
00334527. Registered office: 3 St James Road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 2BA. 

*Nielsen GB Total Impulse, 52 wks to 30/09/23