What point of sale is right for your business?  

Our Wall’s POS expert recommends starting off with the FREE POS KIT, which includes everything you need to get started and attract shoppers to your freezer. 

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Your FREE POS Starter kit checklist:

  1. Headerboard
  2. Close the Lid Stickers
  3. NPD Stickers
  4. Basket Labels
  5. A Panels and Posters
  6. Window Sticker

How to order your FREE POS?

From modular range boards to A-frame boards, we’ve got a range of Wall’s branded point of sale that, as a seller, you can get your hands on. Download the full brochure or order online, now. 

Our Point of Sale Solutions

Our Point of Sale Solutions

Make sure your customers can see that you’re selling exactly what they want!

Download our POS brochure
Order POS online

Order POS online

YOU can now order your point of sale online

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