Taster sessions
Sampling sessions provide an excellent opportunity for both newcomers and their parents to experience the offerings of the canteen. I've seen that once they've had a taste, they often return for more.


Food photos

Including images of the dishes either in the menu or during the ordering process in the morning helps students identify the food they are selecting. This is particularly helpful for younger pupils who may not be familiar with certain food items until they see a photo.


Choose your words

Review the terminology used in your school catering menu and ensure it is tailored to be more accessible and appealing to children.



Utilise promotional menus and theme days to motivate students to stay for lunch.


Presentation is key

Consider the presentation of your dishes at the servery, as we all eat with our eyes, pay attention to the plate and the coloration of the food served. As well as the food, think about the dinig room environment, is it an inviting room to be in.


Menu feedback

Seek feedback and menu ideas directly from pupils, recognising the invaluable honesty they bring, and actively participate in school council meetings to gain insights from a student's perspective.


Student friendly menus

Crafting pupil-friendly menus is, ensuring that meals are not only nutritious but are also appealing and enjoyable for young students. Why not ask pupils for what meals they enjoy and build into the menus.


Lunch buddies

Establish lunch buddies for new reception class students, pairing them with older students from higher grades. The initial days at school can be intimidating, and this initiative aims to provide support and ease the transition for newcomers.