Making the most of every customer who places an order at your quick service or fast food restaurant has never mattered more. Discover our tips on how to structure your menu, upsell  and get your shop to stand out from the crowd on online delivery platforms.
offer all the classics

1. Offer all the classics

Most people are creatures of habit, which is why the old favourites such as burgers and pizza still lead on menus. Make sure you’re offering the classics, but try adding interest with new flavours or specials to drive excitement. 

Consider your different types of customers too, including their different dietary requirements. Offer vegan, gluten free and Halal options to ensure you’ve got something for every guest.

2. Build a menu that delivers well

Ensuring fresh and delicious food even after 30 minutes is essential. Elevate your customer experience and guarantee repeat visits by offering dishes that remain impeccable during transit.

menu that delivers well
frozen delivery

We test all our Ice creams to ensure they deliver well. Look out for our delivered frozen seal of approval.

signpost your menu

3. Signpost your menu with clear categories

Help customers navigate your menu within aggregator or partner delivery apps by using the menu categorisation function. Include categories for starters, mains, sides, drinks and desserts, so the customer can jump to the section they’re most interested in. Why not have a clear area for ‘deals’ too, so your customers can find all the best offers, bundles and meal deals in one place.

Showcase your menu items

4. Showcase your menu items with clear images and descriptions

Great photography combined with clear dish naming and ingredient descriptors will help your dishes to sell themselves.

It might sound quite basic, but being simple and clear about what the dish is, and what it contains, will save the customer time and deliver more immediate appeal. Keep your dish descriptions short, direct and let the enticing ingredients speak for themselves.

Combine this with well-lit food photography to grab attention. Use simple backgrounds to help your dishes stand out and allow your customers to clearly see what they are getting before they place an order. 

meal deals

5. Upsell complete meals using meal deals

Meal deals including sides and drinks are a great way to upsell complete meals and push up average order value. Make sure you have a range of meal deals to suit different customer missions and times of day, from a solo weekday lunch to a Friday night family feast. This way, you’ll be able to drive more consistent sales throughout the day and across the week, and attract a range of different types of customer.

6. Offer extras at the checkout to secure that last chance upsell

Most delivery apps will now allow you to add checkout filters or pop-ups to drive last minute sales at the point that the customer is completing their order. Use this functionality to highlight impulse items such as desserts and ice cream, or to upsell sides or sauces.