Ice cream is the ultimate indulgent dessert choice, making it perfect for delivery and impulse moments when your customers are looking to treat themselves. Read on to get the lowdown on the category and discover how you can earn more from selling ice cream.

1.    Sofa moments were made for ice cream

65% of in-home ice cream consumption happens in front of a screen[1]. Make sure your delivery offering is movie-night ready by adding ice cream to your dessert menu.

2.    Ice cream is THE preferred dessert choice with fast food

Whether it’s pizzas, burgers, fried chicken or kebabs, ice cream is the number 1 choice for customers ordering food online for delivery or takeaway.[2]

What’s more, 55% of consumers would choose ice cream as an add-on to their meal over any other dessert option.[3]

3.    Ice cream is an impulsive treat when ordering food online

Ice cream is an impulsive treat and ‘a treat’ is also the main driver of placing food orders via delivery apps. A whopping 43% of consumers make the decision to do so less than an hour before placing the order, suggesting that when people want it, they want it fast!

24% also spend more than they originally plan too – all suggesting that, if you offer food delivery, upselling desserts could be lucrative business.[4]

4.    Ice cream is a great way to drive up order value

A huge 80% of the growth of the quick service or fast food restaurant sector is driven by complete menu orders (i.e. main + drink + extra).[5]

Make sure your menu is made up of more than just mains, by offering a selection of drinks and ice creams allowing customers to purchase combo deals. Meal deals that offer the customer a saving for purchasing more can help to drive sales too.

5.    No preparation, no fuss. Ice cream is easy to add to your food offer!

Ice cream offers wide appeal, spanning every meal occasion from solo eating to family takeaways. Pre-packaged ice creams such as Ben & Jerry’s iconic tubs are available in a range of sizes, from single serve 100ml portions to 465ml sharing tubs. They are easy to add to your menu, easy to store and require zero preparation for your kitchen staff. Explore the full range here.


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