An ice cream is sold every 12 seconds in the summer

What are the Best-Selling Ice Creams in 2023?

72% of impulse Out-of-Home sales are Wall’s Ice Cream2, and we’ve got 10 of the top 12 best-selling ice creams in the UK1. With Magnum Classic, Magnum White and Calippo Orange coming in at Top 3 most purchased.

Top 12 impulse lines 2023

1 Nielsen GB Total Cover, 52 wks to 30/09/23.

When to Stock up?

Did you know that between 2pm and 5pm is the key time of day for selling ice cream & that ice cream sells all year round?

Checkout some tips on when to stock up and sell: 

Key Ice cream seasons

What is the right range for you?

You’re in the right place. From indulgent ‘True to Pleasure’ Magnums, to Responsibly Made for Kids reformulated ice creams such as Twister and Calippo: we’ve got the right range to meet the needs of your customers.

Don’t forget to advertise with POS?

Effective POS can boost ice cream sales by up to 77%3. We offer Free POS to help boost your ice cream sales.

Ready to stock our leading Brands?

Ready to stock our leading Brands?

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Our Point of sale solution

Our Point of sale solution

Make sure that your customers can see that your selling exactly what they want!

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