It’s cool to sell ice cream. It’s even cooler to shout loud and proud about the ice cream that you’re selling – because ice cream is a happiness-maker, after all. Knowledge is power, so get to know all of the most important things about ice cream and educate your teams on these things too. Your knowledge will help to optimise your approach to selling – and impress your customers.

But did you know that 50% of ice creams are bought outside of the summer months? So make sure you’ve got the right range in stock all year round.

Serve Up A Cool Snack

We know your customers – and we know that they’re always on the hunt for their next snack. Did you know that between 2 and 5pm is the key time of day for selling ice cream?

Ice cream also has a higher retail sales value than other snacking options, and with over 94% of people snacking more than twice a day, it’s no wonder the Wall’s range delivers strong sales.

So make sure your freezer is stocked with our full range to offer something for everyone, all day long.

We Know A Thing Or Two About Ice Cream

Wall’s has been working with retailers and operators for around 100 years – so it’s safe to say we’ve learned a fair bit about ice cream in that time. 73% of impulse sales are thanks to us, and we’ve got 11 of the top 12 selling ice creams in the UK in our portfolio. Click here to find out more about each of our brands.