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Whether it’s BBQ favourites from the Deep South, Canadian classics like poutine or tacos from Mexico - consumers here in the UK have a long running love affair with dishes from The Americas



American Cuisine reflects the diversity of an immigrant nation, drawing on food traditions from around the world and amalgamating them into something new, exciting and innovative.

For example, North American cuisine has much more to offer than Burgers. Ever heard of cornbread, a speciality from the ‘deep south’? Cornbread is made from cornmeal and can be can be baked, fried and even steamed. It’s mostly used as a side dish, instead of fries or mash.

“Lots of dishes from The Americas make good use of cheap cuts, which – when cooked long and slow – have much more flavour.”  -  Chef Alex Hall

Cornbread can be mixed and matched with different proteins, sides and sauces to create various dishes. For example, Carolina slow cooked pork with collard greens and salted caramel & bourbon sauce.. yummie! More inspiration for your menu, delicious meat marinades and other recipes can be found in our Americas guide.


Mexican sauces


Canadian food draws a lot of its influences from French and American cuisines. For example, a traditional fast food dish which is very inexpensive to make are Poutines. They are typically made with French fries and cheese curds, topped with gravy and. But it varies hugely depending where you go. In the US, they tend to serve ‘Omaha style’ (topped with sour cream and diced chives) while in Ottawa, you’ll find more ‘Sugar Shack’ poutine (topped with bacon, sausage and maple syrup).

"Poutine is a great dish for operators to put on their menus. It carries excellent margins and because it’s highly regionalised – it lends itself really well to customisation."  -  Victoria Stewart, street food expert

Ever thought of a vegetarian option? Try our poutine tip: Courgette fries with Portobello mushrooms and garlic, goats curd and hollandaise. Download our Americas recipe guide for more inspiration.


Mexican sauces


Mexican is one of the most loved cuisines in the UK. They're filled with all sorts of fillings and are served with a range of garnishes. But the key to great tacos is authentic ingredients like chipotle chillies, pork pibil, and pescado a la tilapia. Like lots of street food, tacos are generally eaten straight from the hand. Half the fun comes from the mess!

Alex’ Tip:  “Offer a massive range of options to choose from when it comes to fillings and toppings. Don’t make your customers choose. Offer mix and match taco bundles to increase your spend per head.”

One topping could be Pibil pork, which is made from shoulder of pork and gets its unique taste from the marinade, which is made with vinegar, cumin, orange juice, garlic and chilli. It can be served with cauliflower rice and a spicy guacamole … For the full recipe check our guide!

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