Introduction & Kitchen Set-Up

Meet Matt Young, the executive chef at Nordic influenced restaurant Rok in Islington, London. He shares their approach to cooking ranging from their concentration on preservation techniques such as smoking, pickling and fermenting to their woodfire grill, waterbath and smoking box.



Chef Young explains the importance of sourcing the best ingredients from sustainably farmed fish to utilizing traditional non-factory farms. He also discusses the importance of wood and oak chips in the flavouring and cooking techniques.


Smoked Sea Trout on Toast (Part 1)

Chef Young offers up how-to’s and top-tips to simplify and inspire with his first dish - hot smoked sea trout on toast with creme fraiche. Opening up with trimming the fish for his dish, be lead through the semi-curing and hot-smoking process. You’ll also be shown to make a pickling liquor used to infuse the fresh vegetables.


Smoked Sea Trout on Toast (Part 2)

Even the most novice pickler can perfect this pickling liquor. Master this Norwegian staple and create a flavourful and tart alternative to sweeten up any dish.


Smoked Sea Trout on Toast (Part 3)

Watch part 2 to perfect the assembly of this Norwegian inspired sandwich. Watch as creme fraiche is paired with an assortment of pickled vegetables and ripples of smoked trout.


Sauerkraut Side Dish

Create Sauerkraut, a deliciously sour side-dish full of crunch. Chef Young guides you through the simple method and fermentation period for this zesty condiment.


Smoked Pork (Part 1)

Dish two begins - smoked pork with apple and caraway kraut.  Here, Chef Young will coach you through a unique brining process to season and moisten the pork before vacuum-bagging, water bathing and smoking it. Nail the techniques, methods and smokehouse secrets.


Smoked Pork (Part 2)

Pickle, grill and season your way to a dependably-delicious finish. Master the measurements for a pickling liquid and flavour your pork with a thyme and rosemary brush before plating-up for this sweet and tart medley.

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