1. Market Research

When starting up a food business, market research is essential to understand the local and global markets. This way, you can identify where there is a demand and how you can differentiate your venture from competitors. Learn the key areas to analyse from successful restaurateurs and key factors to take into consideration when starting your new business.


2. Essential Legal Paperwork

Do you know the legal and health and safety aspects of opening a new business? In this video, business owners will guide you through a checklist of actions to take before opening the doors to your restaurant. From trademarking your name to insurance to food hygiene laws, everything's covered.


3. Understanding the Competition

Competition can make or break your business. In this video, you'll discover how monitoring your competitors is a powerful tool to stay relevant in your market and innovate your food and drink offering to stand out.


4. Menu Design

Who do you want to attract? What's the inspiration behind your dishes? All these questions are answered in your menu design. Our chefs will give you the best tips on how to craft the perfect menu based on your target clientele, ingredient seasonality and culinary mission.


5. Menu Pricing

What should you consider when pricing your menu? Starting from the market you operate in, your clientele and your business costs, learn how to set the right price point to make a profit whilst being sensible to the economic situation around you.


6. Launching & Marketing

The big day has come. How do you successfully launch your new business? From planning a soft launch to test out your menu, service and venue to the restaurant grand opening, in this video our chefs will give you plenty of options for your restaurant marketing.


7. Recruiting Considerations

Finding the right team for your food business is crucial to its success. Planning recruitment in advance will give you time to find the right members of staff with diverse skills and personalities that will be the powerhouse behind your restaurant.