• Boost your curry menu

    Our simple "how to" guide will help you to:

    • make the most of your curry menu
    • make your ingredients work harder
    • get your team on board
    • pull in the punters
  • Rival local Indian restaurants

    Tips to help you create a menu hot enough to rival local Indian restaurants. 

  • Thai green chicken curry

    Its Thai name "Kaeng khiao wan gai" translates as "sweet green chicken curry" - the sweetness refers to the shade of green
  • Christmas in Care

    Involve your residents in our fun Christmas gingerbread house challenge. There's a prize for everyone and the chance to win a visit from Jo Wheatley, winner of TV Bake Off 2011.

  • Guide to gluten free

    • Simple and hints and tips on how you can create gluten-free dishes
    • Cross contamination checklist for kitchen preparation
    • Everything you need to know about coeliac disease
  • Triple chocolate brownies

    An indulgent and nostalgic teatime favourite
  • Chef Rewards

    Simply join the UFS Chef Rewards scheme and points are added for you on orders of featured products through your choice of participating wholesalers. It's that easy. There's something for every chef.

  • PG Tips Keep it tea

    We know how much you love monkey and you can win him in his Y-fronts. Try today!

  • KNORR Knife for Life Collector Scheme

    Great knives last forever. Collector I.O Shen Knives with KNORR Jelly and Paste Bouillons.

  • Try our Wise Up On Waste app

    Our Wise Up On Waste app for professional kitchens is a simple and easy way to monitor and track your food waste and reduce costs. Start your own waste management and reduce kitchen waste permanently.

  • Tips to reduce food waste

    Reducing food waste is a major opportunity to make your professional kitchen more profitable. Read on and directly profit from our food waste reduction tips.

  • Register for our newsletter

    For more waste reduction tips and ideas, sign up to our newsletter.

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