With consumers looking for indulgent, and healthier options in 2024, Wall’s Ice Cream are pleased to launch  Guuud Raspberry Greek-style Yoghurt Ice Cream, a frozen dessert that gives you the best of all worlds. Real indulgence, delightfully sweet swirls at only 83 calories per stick.

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Made with fat-free strained Greek-style yoghurt sourced straight from the motherland of Greece, this ice cream combines a rich and creamy texture with a luscious, authentically tangy yet sweet raspberry sauce. It’s harmonious. It’s heavenly. It’s finally here, available to stock in Impulse cabinets across convenience, forecourts and Leisure customers.

It's the perfect treat for your customers who are looking to satisfy an afternoon or after dinner craving.

Guuud Raspberry

•    Greek-Style Yoghurt Ice Cream, a creamy Greek-Style Yoghurt with luscious Raspberry saucy swirls

•    Under 85 calories

•    Fully NHFSS compliant


When to stock Guuud Raspberry to maximise sales? 

This indulgent goodness ice cream is best suited for retailers who are impacted by HFSS, and have an NHFSS cabinet, which need to stock low calorie ice creams. It’s also the perfect indulgent snack option for those shoppers who are looking at healthier options, ranking in at number 2 adult refresh brand, in listed retailers*. Add Guuud Raspberry to your cabinet, along with our range of compliant HFSS products & low-calorie ice creams.

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