If you’re selling Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from your fast food or quick service restaurant, then you’ll want your customers to know about it. Using branded point of sale alongside a branded cabinet or freezer is the best way to let customers know you’re selling this globally renowned brand. 

Our freezers have proven to increase sales 65%! Plus, our climate class technology means unlike other solutions we deliver growth without eating into your profit margins.

We’ve got a range of cabinets available to suit various sizes and scales of business. So no matter what size space you’ve got to work with, or how many ice creams you’re selling, we’ve got a solution that fits your needs.

Meet Our Top Pick Freezers Designed with Quick Service Restaurants in Mind

1. Upright Display Freezer

This Upright Freezer is great for when you want high visibility. As our largest option it is ideal for containing plenty of ice creams without taking up a lot of floor space. Perfect for stocking Ben & Jerry’s famous pints! 


  • Length: 698 mm
  • Height: 1,835 mm
  • Depth: 740 mm

Consumption – kW/24h:

  • 7.1


  • 20 cases of 465ml tubs

2.  Slim Upright Freezer

Our Slimline Upright Freezer offers a slightly smaller alternative to our large Upright and is great if you’re very limited on floor space.


  • Length: 380 mm
  • Height: 1,826 mm
  • Depth: 540 mm

Consumption – KW/24h:

  • 5.4


  • 7 cases of 465ml tubs

3.  Counter Top Freezer

The Counter Top Freezer sits perfectly at your customers’ eye level and offers a neat solution for driving impulse sales at point of purchase.


  • Length: 510 mm
  • Height: 1,000 mm
  • Depth: 483 mm

Consumption- Kw/24h:

  • 2.1


  • 7 cases of 465ml tubs