Meet executive Chef, Michelle Theron at Hazendal Wine Estate. Share her vision for local produce and learn to cook two delicious Vegan dishes – a sweet coconut and sea buckthorn parfait followed by pumpkin and hazelnut gnocchi.


Coconut & Buckthorn Parfait, Part1

Learn to create a plant-based dough, substituting traditional ingredients for vegan-friendly alternatives while receiving top-tips on timings and temperatures on oven-baking.


Coconut & Buckthorn Parfait, Part 2

Make a pecan nut praline beginning with a rooibos and lemon infused tea. Receive guidance on the perfect textures and temperatures.


Coconut & Buckthorn Parfait, Part 3

Combine sea buckthorn puree and kumbuat jam before cooking, heating then cooling and freezing creating coconut parfaits.


Coconut & Buckthorn Parfait, Part 4

Assemble your components to create a layered dessert with plant power and packed with flavour!


Pumpkin Gnocchi, Part 1

Play on the power of plants with this gnocchi dish. Learn to knead and roll a perfect dough, before shaping and cooking.


Pumpkin Gnocchi, Part 2

Crisp and golden your gnocchi, before adding seasonal and savoury flavours for colourful autumnal results.