The Italians have been making ice-cream sandwiches for years but the trend is now spreading. With the growing demand for gluten-free desserts, we’ve investigated some gluten-free ice cream sandwich options. 


Taco ice cream sandwich

Very popular in New York where all sorts of tacos are used. For the gluten free option, choose corn tortillas. This popular ice cream sandwich is often served with a topping, like nut crumble, fruit or popcorn and a generous pouring of chocolate or caramel sauce.

Meringue ice cream sandwich

The chewy texture of meringue goes perfectly with ice cream. You can go for exotic summer flavours – like coconut meringue with passion fruit ice cream, meringue with strawberries and ice cream – or warmer tastes like hazelnut meringue with chocolate ice cream or coffee meringue with pear ice cream.

Gluten-free ice cream waffles

A warm waffle with cold ice cream is hard to resist. Not a new combination, but give it a twist with by creating a charcoal ice cream waffle! Or create a cone shaped waffle with the ice-cream tucked inside. Very popular in Hong Kong! Create gluten free buckwheat waffles, sweet potato waffles, or tapioca waffles. Serve with the ice cream of your choice and a fruit compote or salted caramel.

Macaron ice cream sandwich

Macaron ice cream sandwiches are trending. Go for an easy option and fill a macaron with ice cream and then sprinkle over toasted nuts. Or do it like David Myers of restaurant Adrift in Singapore; he makes a more complex dessert of his ice cream sandwich with a parfait of matcha crème and a macaron with muscovado and vanilla cream.