That nostalgic, comforting bowl of sweet rice pudding that your grandmother used to make is now on trend.

Chefs are inventing new twists on this classic dessert, and a rice pudding restaurant has even opened. Here we share some tips for creating new and elegant gluten free rice puddings.


Serve with matcha crumble or candied black sesame seeds to take this simple dish to the next level. Pastry chef Monika Glass from restaurant Clio in Boston serves a coconut rice pudding with mango reduction and passion fruit sorbet. Amsterdam based restaurant Choux infuses rice in parsnip cardamom milk and serves it with poached pears and coffee crumble.

Climpson’s Arch in London does a rice pudding with violets and wild strawberries. The Ricecreamery (based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi) only serves rice pudding. It offers more than 35 different types with a variety of toppings guests can choose from.