We want to support parents and kids to make good choices, especially in the challenging context of rise in childhood obesity, the impact of social media and the vast number of products to choose from. To achieve that, we are stepping forward making a clear promise that is built around three key fundamentals: Responsibly Nutritious, Responsibly Sold and Responsibly Communicated.

WE BELIEVE:  Products made for kids, should have kids in mind

WE CHAMPION: Companies taking a huge responsibility when it comes to involving Important decisions on nutrition for kids

WE’RE COMMITTED:  To build a Happier and more Inclusive world, one Ice-cream at a time!

WE EMPOWER:  Parents & kids looking for better choices

The 3 pillars of the Responsibly Made For Kids promise:


  • 100% of our global kids’ portfolio will be less than 110 calories and 12 grams of sugar per portion by end of 2020
  • We consciously try to add ingredients such as milk, fruit and fortification to our kid’s range
  • A big majority (~85%) of our global kids’ range is free from artificial colours and flavours



Our ice creams are especially designed to excite and reward. Our Responsibly Made For Kids logo will appear on all range boards and packs to help parents and caregivers to find products especially made for kids. 



  • We will no longer direct any marketing communications to kids under the age of 12
  • For social media channels, we will not target kids under the age of 13
  • We will not use influencers such as celebrities, social media stars or others who appeal primarily to kids under 12, nor use influencers who are younger than 12 years of age themselves