Who said you can’t make ice cream that contains only the good stuff? Not us! Here at Wall’s, our mission is to craft great ice cream that empowers parents and caregivers to make better choices while bringing happiness, joy & excitement to their kids.

We’re the first global ice cream brand to make a Responsibly Made For Kids commitment, so keep on reading to find out what that means.

We mean it when we say we know how to make exciting, mouth-watering treats while being nutritionally responsible. Don’t take our word for it, the proof is in the pudding. Take a look at our responsibly-made treats below:


As part of our Responsibly Made for Kids commitment, we ensure that our kids ice creams are: Responsibly Communicated, Responsibly Sold and Responsibly Developed.

The Responsibly Made For Kids Promise 


In the UK, we:

  • Never actively target under 18s
  • Do not use licensed characters in any point of sale communications, including on pack
  • Only allow gifts, toys & premiums for kids >6 when they have an educational or health purpose and are in combination with products bearing our Responsibly Made for Kids logo 



Our ice creams are especially designed to excite and reward. Our Responsibly Made For Kids logo will appear on all range boards and packs to help parents and caregivers to find products especially made for kids.



Our delicious ice creams are responsibly developed for kids and we will continue to bring excitement with new shapes and flavours. Every kids' ice cream will adhere to our Unilever nutritional commitments. These ice creams will have no more than:

  • 110 calories 
  • 12 grams of sugar
  • 3 grams of saturated fat

Stock up today on our RMFK range and help your customers enjoy delicious, permissible snacks. 

Which Wall’s products are Responsibly made for kids? 

Not only is Twister pineapple one of the best-selling kids SKUs1, it’s also responsibly made for kids! For a mini-treat that delivers big on flavour and sales – look no further than mini milk vanilla and strawberry. Did you know that sales of mini milk strawberry have seen an increase of 96%? And mini milk vanilla sales have increased by 81%?2  

Check out our Wall’s Responsibly Made for Kids range:

  • Twister Pineapple
  • NEW Twister Berry-licious
  • Mini Milk Vanilla
  • Mini Milk Strawberry

 So, if your convenience shop or Leisure outlet is near a school or attracts families, stocking up on these kids’ favourites are sure to sell!

Ready to add these products to your range? Buy it now