In a time where sustainability takes precedence, tackling the issue of food waste is not just a moral duty but also a savvy business approach. At Unilever Food Solutions, we firmly believe that genuine culinary excellence goes hand in hand with a dedication to sustainability. As dedicated chefs, you hold the ability to craft outstanding dishes while simultaneously contributing positively to our planet.



Explore our top tips on how to reduce food waste in your kitchen below…

Creative Waste Reduction:

Transform leftover ingredients into innovative dishes, minimising waste and enhancing sustainability.


Strategic Menu Planning:

Plan and scale your menu efficiently to meet yield and budget requirements, ensuring optimal resource utilisation.


Cost Savings and Budget Optimisation:

Save on costs and maximise your guests' budget by adopting a smart and economical approach to ingredient usage.


Attract Repeat Customers:

Deliver on quality, price, and menu variety to delight your customers, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.


Efficient High Yields:

Achieve high yields with fewer ingredients, optimising productivity and minimising resource consumption.