Build your pub's reputation for roasts

A roast dinner is one of the nation's favourite pub meals. Not only on Sundays. Make sure your pub menu - and especially your roasts - stand out to bring in extra bookings. Get known for your pub roast!

  • Serve roasts all week - 40% of consumers want roast dinners on the pub menu every day - not only on Sundays! Serve for lunch and dinner as well.
  • Create theatre – rather than individual dishes, bring the roast and sides to the table for customers to help themselves. Pre-carve or carve at the table for them.
  • Don't over-serve expensive meat - veg costs less, so serve plenty of appealing sides, like braised red cabbage, cauliflower cheese, gratinated leeks and baked fennel.


Mark's Perfect Roasts - Watch our videos!

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Love your gravy

When it comes to roast dinners, good gravy is vital. Read on to find out how you can create exceptional pub roast dinners and make sure your pub is serving the gravy customers want.

  • Serve lashings of gravy – it brings a roast together, so serve generous quantities in gravy boats.
  • Make your roast dinner special - lift it by simple twists. Try adding apple and cider to pork gravy, add red wine and thyme to your beef gravy, and garlic goes great with lamb.