Get inspired to make your own Laksa. 

Tweak tradition

If you have ever been to Singapore, you know this is one of the best places to enjoy Laksa. Nothing beats a good old authentic bowl of this noodle soup, but once in a while it can be interesting to update tradition. Some restaurateurs are serving contemporary Laksa versions, that still respect for the traditional dish.

New Laksa versions

Restaurant Pints & Pints, Singapore, came up with a lobster Laksa, with a lobster-flavoured broth and luscious chunks of the crustacean.  Fine-dining restaurant Labyrinth, Singapore, serves a Hiroshima oyster Laksa and the recently opened casual concept Tok Panjang Peranakan Café attracts a younger crowd, by tweaking this traditional cuisine. It uses ingredients like premium scallops instead of fish cakes. Blue Ginger restaurant hangs on to its authentic recipes, but focuses on cleaner flavours, using less oil, reducing salt and the spiciness of this dish. 

No rules

There are no rules with Laksa. Try freshly roasted premium fish or make a fusion inspired broth (bisque meets Asian spice pasta) and add unexpected toppings like pomegranate seeds or green tea noodles. Modernise the look and presentation of your Laksa, but don’t compromise on the complex taste!