Create a healthier, nutritious and lighter version of the traditional comforting bowl of noodle soup. 

Clear broth

Roughly speaking, there are two types of Laksa, one with a sour broth (Assem Laksa) and a creamy one with coconut milk (Curry Laksa). For a lighter version, stick to the Assem Laksa. Add variation like a sprinkle of toasted coconut. This gives a coconut taste without the heaviness of the cream. The coconut milk can be substituted by almond or cashew milk

Less salt

Use a spice paste with less salt. Also swap salt for texture and ingredients like sautéed mushrooms, dried strips of tamarind, toasted chopped nuts, or dried fish skins. 


Go vegan

Attract the growing number of vegan customers with a plant based Laksa that is fully packed with spices and flavour. Try Laksa with roasted pumpkin or sweet potato, fried tofu puffs, crispy snow peas, spicy bean sprouts and pickled mango

Healthy noodles

Many of the noodles used for Laksa are gluten free (like rice noodles or noodles made from pulse flours). But sometimes you want an extra bite. Whole wheat noodles are a healthy option.

Green and lean

Make a chicken broth based Laksa. Fill the bowl with strips of lean boiled chicken and loads of steamed greens such as broccoli, mangetout, pak choi and bok choy.