According to studies*, it is noticed that workplace is seeing a 37% growth in snacking spend and it is the strongest across all operator segments and workplace catering currently achieves 4.9% of share of snacking. Studies also show that 80% of people surveyed use their workplace restaurant for snacks during their working day. 

Insights from the Lumina Convenience & Wholesale Market Report 2023 reveal that 2pm-5pm is a key period for ice cream sales, defeating the afternoon ‘lull’ when people are working.

Elevate your workplace experience with our top ice creams, with an impressive 100 years of heritage and a market-leading range, Wall’s ice cream is the ideal indulgent, impulse solution featuring iconic favourites from Magnum, Twister, Solero, Feast, or Cornetto. These delectable treats are perfect for year-round workplace snacking, offering a refreshing and satisfying break for your team.

Did you know? 10 out of the top 12 impulse ice cream SKUs are crafted by us – stocking up on these nation's favourites* can significantly boost your sales! Below, discover the must-stock ice cream brands that could take your sales to new heights.

Magnum Impulse Range: The UK’s Number 1 Ice Cream Brand*

When it comes to a freezer staple, look no further than the top two impulse SKUs of 2023: Magnum Classic and Magnum White*. With velvety vanilla ice cream wrapped in thick, cracking chocolate, Magnum is precisely what pleasure-seeking customers desire. As the UK’s number one* ice cream brand, you can trust Magnum for top-selling, indulgent ice cream. With 3 out of the top 5 best-selling ice creams being Magnum* and 10 ice cream flavours to choose from, they really are a must-stock!

Wall’s Impulse Range

Dive into a symphony of sweetness with Wall’s, a brand that has been delighting taste buds for generations. Our workplace selection from Walls features an array of delightful options from Calippo, Twister, Cornetto, Solero each promising a moment of joy and satisfaction. With a commitment to quality and flavor, Walls' ice creams are the perfect companions for creating a refreshing workplace atmosphere.

We understand the importance of ice cream not just tasting good but also doing good. Learn more about our efforts to make the world a happier and more sustainable place, one ice cream at a time.


Our new products are driving the snacking occasion.

Our ongoing series of new product launches ensures our products remain aligned with evolving consumer preferences and market demand. With 49% of UK consumers emphasizing healthy eating, the popularity of bite-size ice creams has surged, making it the fastest-growing subcategory. Our latest offering, Twister Berry-licious, with just 68kcal, caters perfectly to health-conscious workplace consumers seeking a guilt-free indulgence. Moreover, in a post-COVID landscape, 49% of UK customers find it easier to justify indulgent treats, positioning it as a primary driver for ice cream purchases. This 'treat' allure influences 42% of UK ice cream occasions, a trend bolstered by our new Magnum Range.

Our shared values will help foster a successful partnership, leading to increased profits through snacking

Elevate workplace snacking with our best-selling ice creams from iconic brands like Magnum, Twister, Solero, Feast, or Cornetto. Whether your team craves indulgent chocolate-covered delights, classic cone experiences, refreshing lollies, or tropical bliss in every bite, our selection caters to every preference. Treat your workplace to moments of sweetness and satisfaction with our top-quality ice creams – the perfect companions for year-round enjoyment. Explore the tempting variety from Wall's and make workplace breaks a deliciously memorable experience.