We understand that the market has faced a myriad of unprecedented challenges, including skyrocketing costs of food ingredients, staffing, and energy due to surging inflation, unreliable and unpredictable supply chains, and the impact of transport strikes and hybrid working patterns, resulting in unpredictable and fluctuating footfall to traditionally contracted sites.

Despite these hurdles, lunch occasions are capturing a larger share of out-of-home consumer spending, with a promising 1.6% turnover growth expected.

At Unilever Food Solutions, we recognize the need for culinary solutions that not only meet but exceed the demands of the workplace. That's why we proudly present Knorr Professionals and Hellmann's—trusted partners in elevating workplace dining experiences.

Knorr Professionals: Elevating Culinary Excellence Since 1838

Knorr Professional, a name synonymous with culinary innovation, has been by the side of chefs since 1838. Our range of products is designed to drive operational simplicity while maintaining the highest standards of taste and quality. Here's why Knorr Professionals is a kitchen essential:




1. Trusted Bouillon: Knorr Professional manufactures the chef's most trusted bouillon*, available in a variety of formats to suit every skill set. Our bouillon forms the foundation of countless dishes, ensuring rich and flavorful results.

2. Chef Endorsements and Partnerships: Proudly partnered by acclaimed chefs such as Tom Kerridge, Gary Maclean, Preston Walker, Kath Breckon, and Mark Aisthorpe, Knorr Professional Bouillon has been showcased as an essential element that elevates their culinary creations.

3. Number 1 Gluten-Free Gravy: We are the manufacturers of the UK's number 1 Gluten-Free Gravy*, catering to all customers with a product that has no allergens** to declare and is vegan-friendly.

4. Sustainability Partnerships: Knorr Professional is committed to sustainable cooking and global biodiversity. Through our partnership with the WWF and the Future 50 Foods report, we champion environmentally conscious culinary practices.

5. Collaboration with Patak’s and Blue Dragon: In collaboration with Patak’s and Blue Dragon, Knorr Professional delivers a range of ready-to-use sauces and spice pastes, adding an exotic touch to your culinary offerings.


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Hellmanns’ : Unleash Culinary Creativity with the Nation's Favourite* Mayo Brand

Hellmanns’, the nation's favourite* mayonnaise brand, is known for bringing out the best in dishes.  Elevate your culinary creations with the following features:

1. Wide Range: Hellmann's offers a diverse range, including the UK's number* one Real Mayonnaise and the UK's number one Vegan Mayo. Whether you're mixing, blending, dipping, or topping, Hellmann's has the perfect mayo for your culinary needs.

2. Pack Sizes for Every Operation: Available in various pack sizes, including back-of-house buckets and front-of-house sachets and squeezy bottles, Hellmann's caters to the scale of your operation.

3. Versatile Usage: Perfect for a myriad of applications, Hellmann's mayonnaise is a versatile ingredient that enhances the taste of any dish.

4. Merchandising Solutions: Choose from a range of merchandising solutions, including caddies, pumps, and sachet holders, to display Hellmann's products with style and convenience.

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Elevate your workplace culinary experience with Unilever Food Solutions' best-selling products – Knorr Professionals and Hellmann's. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a workplace catering professional, our brands are designed to simplify operations, drive culinary excellence, and deliver unforgettable dining experiences. Explore the possibilities and transform your workplace menu with the trusted quality of Knorr Professionals and the culinary creativity of Hellmann's.