Trim, season and plate your way to a perfect beef-focused dish using our combination playlist – a catalogue of the best Beef dishes spanning a variety of cuisines and kitchen styles.



Vietnamese street food - Stir-fried pho noodles with beef

Using wok-frying techniques, learn how to make stir-fried beef with freshly made pho noodles.


Authentic Thai Food – Red Beef Curry

From Vietnam to Thailand, watch this step-by-step guide to creating red beef curry, with a base of red curry paste, plenty of herbs and, of course, beef.


Pasta done Properly – Ragu Tagliatelle Ingredients & Cooking

Try Italian pasta-making with Chef Alessandro Bay. Make the Italian signature dish, tagliatelle with beef ragu, including top tips on cooking tagliatelle and using the pasta water to create a silky sauce.


Steak: Butchering, ageing & cooking – Butchering & Prepping the meat

Learn how to butcher and prep your steak with Chef Delaney. Learn top-tips on techniques and trimmings while learning the varieties of steak cuts.


Steak: Butchering, ageing & cooking – Cooking Steak

Now to cook your steak! Watch as Chef Delaney uses a josper oven to get the perfect steak while dishing advice on the optimum oven temperature and timings for steak doneness.


Mexican Tacos – Prepping the brisket with rub    

Step-up the spice and flavour with this aromatic brisket spice rub. Learn how to prep and blend a Mexican rub before learning how to cook a beef brisket using a smoker.


Mexican Tacos - Mexican brisket tacos with Toreados Guacamole      

Impress with these Mexican beef tacos – an assembly of smoked beef brisket, guacamole with chipotle and spicy jalapeño, plus tips on how to shred and dress the brisket.


Nose to Tail – Preparation    

From traditional cuts to the fifth-quarter, learn to trim and butterfly ox-heart before learning how to re-purpose excess sinuet for additional dishes.


Nose to Tail - Grilled Ox Heart - Part 1    

Watch Part 1 for a demonstration of slicing, trimming and seasoning Ox Heart.


Nose to Tail - Grilled Ox Heart - Part 2

Learn the easy-to-follow steps for grilling the meat, creating a char-marked finish.


Nose to Tail - Grilled Ox Heart - Part 3  

Learn the plate-up for your Grilled Ox Heart, combined with a fresh caper salad, French vinaigrette and the juices from your meat.


Nose to Tail - Ox Heart Tartare - Part 1  

Move onto the heart tartare, prepping and slicing the ox heart into small chunks before seasoning with rosemary, capers and cornichons.


Nose to Tail - Ox Heart Tartare - Part 2 

Watch Part 2 to learn the simple tartare plate-up with the addition of watercress and sourdough toast.


Sunday Roast - Beef fillet and smoked parsnip purée prep - Part 1

Finish with a refined twist on the classic Sunday Roast. Chop, soften and strain your parsnips before turning your attention to caramelising and glazing endives with top-tips on a sous-vide seasoning.


Sunday Roast - Beef fillet and smoked parsnip purée prep - Part 2 

Get a braising recipe for your ox-tail while learning a smoking technique that will leave your parsnips infused with the aromas of hickory wood chips.


Sunday Roast - Beef fillet and smoked parsnip purée prep - Part 3 

Before assembling a hearty plate-up learn to create a glaze sauce to dress before finishing the final cook for a tender beef fillet.

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