Advance your poultry skills with this playlist – an exploration of culinary technique and ingredients spanning five different cuisines and eight different dishes.


Pressure-fried Korean fried chicken

Learn top tips and techniques on how to brine, coat, batter and fry Korean chicken for perfectly crisp results.


Green Thai chicken curry

Learn the recipe for this Green Thai Chicken Curry – a rich base of green curry pastes and coconut milk, flavoured with herbs and sauces, and a few unique Thai ingredients.


Stir-fried chicken with holy basil

Thai chef, Saiphin Moore, makes stir-fried chicken with holy basil – a classic Thai dish. Learn the recipe, as well as Rosa’s cafe’s signature stir-fry sauce. 


Mexican chicken tacos with chipotle toreados guacamole

Combine your chipotle toreados, deep-fried skin and sous vide chicken to create a refined take on chicken tacos.


Assembling & plating the chicken chipotle tacos

Be guided through the techniques and final assembly for the perfect Taco plating.


Tandoor chicken (Part One)    

Explore the myriad of marinades and colourful spices involved in making Tandoor chicken.


Tandoor chicken (Part Two)      

Watch part-two as this classic dish is slipped onto skewers and finished in a traditional clay oven.


Tikka Chicken Masala (Part One)    

Learn about the spices and yoghurts that encase this iconic dish as well as the restaurant’s personal garam masala blend for bold flavours.


Tikka Chicken Masala (Part Two)    

Chef Bagh Sigh reveals the final spices and ingredients involved in creating aromatic seasonings and sauces.


Sous Vide & Pan-Fried Duck with Berry Jus

Learn the ingredients for this duck dish using a zesty curing solution with a sous-vide technique!


Sous Vide & Pan-Fried Duck with Berry Jus (Part One)  

Learn to sear and caramelise duck before creating a berry coulis and reduced duck stock.


Sous Vide & Pan-Fried Duck with Berry Jus (Part Two)  

Compliment your duck with edamame beans and exotic mushrooms before pairing sweet elements and floral garnishes.


Buttermilk fried chicken - Ingredients 

Elevate the basic classic - Buttermilk fried chicken. Learn the ingredients from spices to sweet honey glazes.


Buttermilk fried chicken (Part One)

Begin by coating your chicken in egg wash, flour and breadcrumbs before learning a classic slaw recipe to accompany your dish. 


Buttermilk fried chicken (Part Two) 

Deep-fry, drizzle and sprinkle your way through Part 2, taking the chips and chicken through the preparation process for crisp, seasoned results before plating.

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