What is a Fair Kitchen?

A Fair Kitchen is an environment where people matter as much as food, and where staff wellbeing is as important as guest satisfaction.

It's an environment that people want to be a part of, where they're happy to put in the long hours because they know they are appreciated, paid fairly, and have opportunities to progress.

Hear from Chefs Leading Fair Kitchens

About the #FairKitchens Movement

The #FairKitchens movement aims to open the conversation around the unfairness of working conditions in the foodservice and hospitality industry, and call for change by showing that a healthier operation will make businesses more successful. 

Want to join the movement?

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Friends of #FairKitchens

The #FairKitchens movement is successful because of the people and organisations who join us in wanting to tackle this important issue and make the industry a better, happier, fairer, and more sustainable place for all. 

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