Managing Physical Health

Tim Etherington-Judge, #FairKitchens partner and co-founder of Healthy Hospo, shared a framework to help us think about our physical health.

“Good health like building a house. You want to build a strong house that is able to withstand the storms of life. You start with the foundation of the house, which is sleep. If the foundation is sleep, the walls are what you eat, your exercise, your  connections to people and to nature, and your mental health. It's only once you have the four walls on that you can put the roof on and make the house watertight and able to survive the storm.”

To hear more from Tim, watch his Take20 on our IGTV Live.

To access practical support and resources to manage your physical wellbeing, download the Healthy Hospo app.


Managing Mental Health

Here are some self-help tips from one of our #FairKitchens partners from across the globe, the South Africa Depression and Anxiety Group.

1. Share your feelings.

Trying to deal with your pain on your own can only make it worse. Share your feelings with others rather than keeping them to yourself. 

2. Don’t be alone.

Although you may want to be alone, you may feel better if you try to take part in some activities you previously enjoyed with your family and friends. 

3. Routine helps! 

Set yourself a daily routine and try as much as possible to maintain that routine. You may not be able to do all you usual activities, so be sure to set a routine that is realistic. 

4. Set achievable goals.

Learn to make small goals that you can reach. Once you have reached them, say positive things to make yourself feel good about your achievement. 

5. Avoid making big decisions.

For example, changing jobs or ending a relationship, are decisions you shouldn’t make until you are feeling better. 


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