We asked 4 chefs who are part of the #FairKitchens movement to share how they make time for themselves.

Start small. Go to the gym. Do little things that make you feel good about yourself. Make sure you’re on a routine. Get your hair cut regularly

Chef Jamie Knott, Saddle River Inn, New York

In my free time I have a switch off policy – I turn off all those polluting notifications that you receive on your mobile and allow myself max 15 minutes of screentime during the day.

Chef Gilles Perrin, who shared this when he was the Culinary Director, Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai


I usually start my day at the gym or at my favorite coffee shop. It gives me an opportunity to focus on myself, reflect and start my day with a positive state of mind

Naama Tamir, Co-Owner, Lighthouse, Brooklyn


Take one minute to be silent and still. No distractions. Do it at least once a day

Chef Rachel Muse, Performance Chef, United Kingdom


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