Keeping up with the latest food trends is an effective way to keep your menu fresh and exciting, without replacing the essentials you already have – helping you plan your menu while accommodating fluctuating occupancy levels and saving on costs.

That’s why we’ve created the Future Menus report, exploring eight food trends for 2024 and how these can be brought to life in your hotel.


The Low-Waste Menu Trend

Low-waste dish made from parmesan polenta and roasted squash.

Fluctuating occupancy levels can make menu planning unpredictable, affecting food costs and increasing the potential for food waste. The low-waste menu trend presents a sustainable solution to minimise food wastage and save on costs whilst creating dishes that still provide an exceptional culinary experience for your guests.


The Feel-Good Food Trend

Dish made from roast, boned and rolled chicken, smoked aubergine and green olive dressing

Planning your menu to accommodate your guests’ health-conscious needs can be challenging. The Feel-Good Food approach to menu planning allows you to manage your resources efficiently, minimise food waste, and cater to health-conscious guests who want wholesome yet tasty dining experiences.


The Irresistible Vegetables Trend

Plant-based dish made of Sprouted Chickpeas, Socca pancake, kale and BBQ Maitake mushrooms

Cooking with vegetables isn’t a new technique, but bringing them to the heart of the dish provides an opportunity for true innovation and creativity. From plant-based variations of loved classics to completely new dishes, this food trend shows how to make the most seasonal ingredients.

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