Room Service is an important part of the overall guest experience - having a dedicated room service menu that lives up to expectations without the guest having to leave the room is a must. Our solutions can make it simple for even the smallest teams to deliver 24/7 options.

Condiments suited to room service. Colman’s Mustard, Hellmann’s Back of House Real Mayonnaise and Hellmann’s Squeezy Real Mayonnaise.


Explore a variety of condiments from our prominent brands, Hellmann's and Colman's. From tabletop sauces and sachets to back-of-house buckets, our products span a variety of formats to help you offer the best condiments for your room service. 

Ready to Use Knorr Professional Chicken Soup, Thai Green Curry Sauce and Chunky Sweet and Sour Sauce, ideal for hotel room service.

Ready to Use Sauces & Soups

For kitchens needing to provide room service but lacking staffing capacity, our selection of Knorr Professional Ready to Use Sauces and Soups is the ideal solution. These convenient options make it quick and easy for you to offer delicious hot room service meals.

Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough portion tub, Magnum Classic ice cream and Carte D’Or crème caramel powder dessert mix, ideal for hotel room service.

Desserts & Ice Creams

For a late-night treat, offer your guests an ice cream straight from the freezer or whip up a quick dessert with a Carte D’Or powdered dessert mix.