To prepare the breadcrumbs

  • Gluten free bread 0.4 kg

To prepare the cod

  • Codskinless and boneless 1.4 kg

To prepare the fish fingers

  • Egg(x6) 480.0 g

To cook & serve the fish fingers


  1. To prepare the breadcrumbs

    • Dry out any gluten free bread, then using a food blender, blend until you have fine bread crumbs. Crusts work equally well.

  2. To prepare the cod

    • Ensure the cod (or other white fish) is skinless and pin bones have been removed.
    • Dry the fish with paper towel and cut into 20 even sized fingers.
  3. To prepare the fish fingers

    • Crack the eggs into a suitable bowl and whisk.
    • Dust each piece of fish with cornflour, shaking off any excess flour.
    • Place the fish into the egg mixture, coating each side and draining off any excess.
    • Coat the fish in the breadcrumbs gently pressing the crumbs onto the surface of the fish.
  4. To cook & serve the fish fingers

    • Prepare a deep fat fryer using fresh clean oil or a fryer that is only used to cook Gluten Free foods and heat the fryer to 180°C.
    • Carefully lower the fish fingers into the oil.
    • Fry until the fish is cooked and the breadcrumbs are golden in colour and crispy.
    • Remove the fish fingers and drain any excess oil on disposable towel.
    • Place a thin layer of Colman's Tartare Sauce onto the slices of gluten free bread and add a portion of the rocket leaves.
    • Place the Fish fingers onto the rocket and add the second layer of bread.
    • Serve with a side salad.

    Disclaimer:It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that the end dish is gluten-free in accordance with the regulatory requirements and check all ingredients to ensure they are gluten-free. For further guidance please download our Gluten-Free Kitchen Guide.

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