Here at Colman’s we perfected our famous English mustard over 200 years ago. The process hasn’t changed much over the years, much like our dedicated mustard farmers - some of whom we have worked with for more than four generations.


Michael Sly


Michael Sly is one of our key farmers and the chairman of the English Mustard Growers Co-operative – a group of 18 growers who supply all of their seeds to Colman’s.

Michael and his family have been farming Colman’s mustard seeds on the sweeping Cambridgeshire fens for the past 120 years. “On our farm we grow Sutton variety brown mustard seeds, which add pungency,” Michael explains. Every last one of Michael’s seeds help us create that full-on thunderous flavour that makes Colman’s the nation’s favourite mustard*.

Farming the best seeds possible is essential to making sure our mustard packs a punch: that’s because we bottle not one, but two types of mustard seeds – both brown and white. It’s this harmonious blend of fiery flavours and the best British ingredients that bring out the bull in every bottle. Because when it comes to taste, we like to give it horns!

Michael says;

“Some people say I’m obsessive – I call it passion”

– and we couldn’t agree more. It’s a never-ending love for mustard that ensures Colman’s remains the UK’s number one mustard brand, delivering bold, British flavour with each and every product. According to Michael, Colman’s definitely cuts the mustard for more than just your Sunday roast. Describing his favourite dishes, he says; “You can eat it with veg, add it to stews for depth and even use it to spice up a cauliflower cheese!” The opportunities with Colman’s are endless. That’s why it’s out on your tables, served on your roasts, mingled in your sauce collections and slathered on your burgers! 


David Bond


In the 1960s, our hunt for the punchiest, most full-on flavoured mint began! Fortunately, we didn’t need to stray too far, as the pick of the bunch came from our home city of Norwich. We believe homegrown always tastes better and we work alongside four growers who each supply all of Colman’s mint seeds. These fab four have come together to create ‘Norfolk Mint Growers’, working cooperatively to produce Colman’s delicious mint sauce.

David Bond is responsible for the fields of mint that perfume the Norfolk area with a mouth-watering reminder of lamb roast. David says:

“The growing conditions here are just right for mint”

To ensure our mint sauce is the highest quality possible and has that bold botanic flavour we all know and love, the Norfolk Mint Growers invested in equipment specially built for their crops. David explains: “Our harvester has a rotating comb, which strips the leaves off the stem, meaning only the leaves now end up at the factory. It was a real step forward in terms of getting a higher quality mint sauce.”

Mint is at its best when it’s very fresh, so all of Colman’s mint growers live less than an hour from the processing plant in Norwich. Which means our Mint Sauce is not only deeply rooted in British soil and farming heritage, but it’s as fresh as possible too.



Our ingredients are fresh – they don’t travel far and wide and, as a result, they pack a punch when it comes to flavour – just how we like it! We want to support British farmers, with the aim being to increase the amount of our ingredients sourced in the UK by 50% over the next three years.

Colman’s also supports the highest animal welfare standards, sustainable farming and the best-tasting British-raised meat. That’s why we’re getting behind the ‘Back British Farming’ campaign, promoting British farming through partnerships with the National Farmer’s Union and Red Tractor.

High-quality ingredients used to produce iconic products with traceability and delivering flavours that really pack a punch –  that’s Colman’s! 

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