Knorr® has had a refresh! Take a look at what has changed!

We’ve worked long and hard to create the right products and ingredients for your customers and residents. Our Knorr Professional soup range is the first to have a makeover, and our powder soups have also had a total recipe update to improve flavour, texture and consistency, whilst meeting 2017 salt targets.  Our full Knorr Professional range caters for offer vegetarians, vegans and we also have gluten free options. Find out more by range here.

Knorr Professional® Powdered Soup

Knorr Professional® Classic Soup

Knorr Professional® 100% Soup

Knorr® Professional Powdered Soup*

Knorr® Professional Powdered Soup - A great base for you to create from

Our Knorr® Professional core range has undergone recipe improvements, to deliver even greater flavours for your customers! This dehydrated Knorr® Professional soup range comes in both a 40-portion and a 200-portion packs making it suitable for every kitchen size. Our Core Soup’s are easy to use, simply whisk into cold water and bring it to boil – ready in minutes. With 14 different varieties, you will always find the perfect soup for every occasion. Simply store in a cool, dry place.

Knorr® Professional Classic Soup*

Knorr® Professional Classic Soup - Classic flavours

This Knorr®  Professional range is a dehydrated soup mix with 10 classical traditional flavours. Flavours deliver smooth creamy textured soups and rich in flavour, each one bound to be loved by your customers. With 25 portions per pack these are a perfect standby and kitchen staple for quick filling starters or in between meal snacks too. Our Classic soups are easy to use, simply add to boiling water and mix well – ready to serve in minutes. Simply store in a cool, dry place.

Knorr® Professional 100% Soup*

Knorr® Professional 100% Soup - Ready to use

The Knorr® Professional ready prepared soup that is simple to use and it tastes great! To use, simply heat and serve; our 12-portion pack is ideal for individual bowl serving and our 4x2.2L format (containing 40-portions per pack) is perfect to use in a soup kettle as an on top offering or counter top ready to serve. With 19 varieties available in the range these soups are a sure winner with your customers. With varieties from Red Pepper & Tomato, Thai Coconut and Chicken as well as classic flavours such as Leek and Potato and Minestrone, we are sure you will find them to your liking. The range also caters for various diets including vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters too!

*serving suggestion