With 68% of consumers currently buying packaged snacks in pubs*, there’s no denying that snacking is a major trend in the pub scene. Whether it's a quick nibble between pints or during a game, snacks play a crucial role in enhancing the overall pub experience. And when it comes to satisfying those cravings, nothing beats the nation's favourite brands.

From ice cream for the sweet cravings and mayo dips for those savoury urges, explore how our solutions can take your pub’s sales to the next level.


As the market leader in ice cream, with over 100 years of brand heritage, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about sweet snacking.

Introducing ice cream to your pub not only enhances the customer experience. By offering ice cream as a tempting impulse purchase, your pub will bring in new customers, tempt customers to stay longer and drive incremental sales, without impacting other purchases.

From family favourites such as Twister and Calippo (part of our ‘Responsibly Made for Kids’ Range) to treats like Magnum and Cornetto, we’ve got everything you need to give customers the sweet snack they’re looking for.


As the nation’s favourite mayonnaise brand*, Hellmann's brings unmatched quality and taste to snacking occasions in pubs. Whether enjoyed as is or customised into signature sauces, our mayonnaise offers the perfect accompaniment for every snacking moment, enticing customers to indulge and driving incremental sales for your pub.

Our Real Mayonnaise is available in a range of formats – sachets, pumps, squeezies and buckets (from which it can be decanted into ramekins) – to ensure that the needs of your establishment are covered. Elevate your pub's savoury snacking experience with Hellmann's today!


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