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Advanced Prep:

  • Tomatoeswashed and sliced 250 g
  • Egghard boiled then sliced 250 g
  • Lettuce mixed leavesiceberg washed and shredded 300 g

For service:

  • Chicken breast, skinlessgrilled and sliced 500 g
  • Sunflower oil 20 ml
  • Ground black pepper 1 g
  • Sea salt 1 g
  • Back Bacontrimmed of excess fat 200 g
  • Wholemeal medium sliced bread 0.96 kg
  1. Advanced Prep:

    • Place the eggs into a saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to a boil.
    • Cook for 5 min. then refresh with cold running water then peel and slice.
    • Slice the tomato and wash then dry well the lettuce leaves.

  2. For service:

    • Slice the chicken thinly then rub with oil and season well then cook under a hot grill or grill pan for 6-8 min.
    • Half way through add the bacon rashers.
    • Toast the bread then spread two slices with HELLMANN'S Mayonnaise then on the first slice lay the lettuce and chicken.
    • Add the other slice with mayonnaise on top and add the bacon, tomatoes and finally the sliced egg.
    • Top with the remaining slice of toast, cut in half, and secure with wooden skewers if needed.

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