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To prepare the Fajita sauce.

To prepare the quesadilla

  • Minced chicken, dark and light meat (50/50) 700 g
  • Red onionsThinly Sliced 200 g
  • Green peppersThinly Sliced 200 g
  • Kidney beans canned in water 200 g
  • Plain flour tortilla 800 g
  1. To prepare the Fajita sauce.

    • Dry fry the spices in a pan for 2-3 min., then add the garlic and chilli puree and cook for a further minutes.
    • Add the water to the pan and bring to the boil, then whisk in the Knorr Spicy Tomato Create More and simmer for 2 min.
    • Season if required and then use the paste as a base for chicken, beef, bean or fish.
  2. To prepare the quesadilla

    • Warm the tortillas and set aside.
    • Fry off the minced chicken until browned,add the sliced onion and peppers and cook for a further 5 min.
    • Add the Fajita sauce and cook for 2-3 min., add the beans and cook for a further 5 min. on a low heat.
    • Place the mixture onto one half of the tortilla and wet the edges with a pastry brush and fold over and then place into a pre heated oven and cook for 10 min. or until golden brown.
    • Serve with a portion of vegetables or salad.