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To prepare the dish

  1. To prepare the dish

    • Combine the Chinese five spice powder and oil in a bowl. Add the chicken breast and mix well. Cover, label and refrigerate and allow to marinade for minimum of 1 hour.
    • Place the chicken breast onto a suitable rack over a baking tray. Cook in an oven until thoroughly cooked then allow to cool.
    • Once cool, cut into thin strips.
    • In a suitable bowl combine the mayonnaise and the KNORR Create More Hoi Sin Concentrated Sauce.
    • Lay the wraps on to a clean surface and spread with the Hoi Sin Mayonnaise followed by the shredded chicken, cucumber, spring onion and lettuce.
    • Fold the wrap to encase the filling.
    • The chicken can be replaced with mixed vegetables, or other meat substitutes.
    • The wrap should be served with salad or vegetables to meet school foods standards.