Advance Preparation:

  • Egg 500.0 g

To make the Scotch egg

  • Sausage meat 0.9 kg
  • KNORR Professional Mixed Peppercorn Puree 750g 30.0 g
  • Flat leaf Parsley 20.0 g
  • Plain flour 150.0 g
  • Egg 150.0 g
  • Panko Bread Crumbs 150g

To cook and serve the Scotch egg:


  1. Advance Preparation:

    • Preheat the deep fat fryer to 160°C.
    • Make up the piccalilli a day in advance.
    • Soft boil 10 eggs for approximately 4-5 min. in boiling water. Refresh in iced water, then peel and set aside in the fridge until required.
  2. To make the Scotch egg

    • Place the sausage meat, KNORR Professional Mixed Peppercorn Puree and chopped flat leaf parsley into a bowl and mix together.
    • Make 100g balls of the sausage meat and place between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper.
    • Roll this into a 1cm disc and chill in the fridge to firm up the sausage meat. Repeat this until all the mix isused.
    • Take out the disc of sausage meat and place the soft boiled egg into the centre.
    • Wrap the sausage meat around the egg and full enclose. Once all the eggs have been wrapped cover them in flour, egg and panko breadcrumbs. Store in the fridge until ready to use.
  3. To cook and serve the Scotch egg:

    • Place the Scotch egg in the fryer and cook for approximately 6-7 min. or until the sausage meat is cooked thoroughly.
    • Whilst it is cooking dress the rocket leaves in the HELLMANN'S Balsamic Dressing.
    • Put the piccalilli into a small serving pot and put on the side of the plate.
    • Place 20g of the dressed rocket onto the plate.
    • Cut the Scotch egg in half, being carefully as the yolk should still be runny on top of the leaves.
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