For the NoSausages, sauce and onions:

For the garlic mash potato:


  1. For the NoSausages, sauce and onions:

    • Peel and finely slice the onions, pick the rosemary
    • In a large pan sweat the onions and rosemary till they caramelise.
    • Remove half, mix with half the COLMAN's Grain Mustard and keep hot for service.
    • Deglaze the rest of the onions with the red wine and reduce by 2/3rds.
    • Make up KNORR Professional Gravy  by stirring 56g into 750ml of boiling water and whisking for 30 seconds. Add the reduced wine, simmer for 5 minutes and pass through chinois.
    • Cut butter into small lumps and whisk into the sauce along with rest of COLMAN's Grain Mustard, it will give a glossy finish and depth of flavour.
    • Pan fry the Vegetarian Butcher NoSausages till golden and cooked through.
  2. For the garlic mash potato:

    • Boil the potatoes with KNORR Professional garlic puree.
    • When potatoes are cooked, sieve and place in the pan to steam again to remove excessive moist away.
    • Press the potatoes through a potato masher or a fine sieve to create a nice potato puree.
    • On a low heat, fold in the butter and crème fraiche. Lightly season to taste.
  3. To serve:

    • Dress the plates with the mash, sausages, gravy and fried onions.
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