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  • Egg 50 g
  • Whole milk 60 ml
  • Golden syrup 200 g
  • Treacle, Black 85 g
  • Light brown soft sugar 85 g
  • STORK 2kg 200 g
  • Oatmeal 100 g
  • Self raising flour 250 g
  • Ground ginger 5 g
  1. Advance Preparation:

    • Heat oven to 160°C. Grease a deep 22cm/9in square cake tin and line with baking parchment.
  2. Method:

    • Whisk the egg and milk together.
    • Gently melt the syrup, treacle, sugar and Stork together in a large pan until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the heat.
    • Mix together the oatmeal, flour and ginger and stir into the syrup mixture, followed by the egg and milk until a smooth batter is formed.
    • Pour the mixture into the tin and bake for 50 min. - 1 hr until the cake feels firm and a little crusty on top.
    • Cool in the tin then cut into 12 squares and serve.